• Three phase Open well Pumps

Three phase Open well Pumps


• Domestic use in Apartments, Buildings and Hotels 
• Agricultural use 
• Small farms and Gardening 
• Irrigation 
• Water supply for fountains 
• Overhead tanks and pumps


• Designed for under submerged condition water applications 
• All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for longer bearing life and vibration free smooth operator
• Epoxy ceramic coated in the inner parts for rust free operation 
• Fitted with Quality Oil seal 
• Easy for installation and no platform required 
• Designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations 
• Non overloading power characteristics no fear of motor burning

Single Phase Openwell

Power Range: 3.0 HP to 15.0 HP/5.0HP to 20.0 HP440V, 50Hz, A.C. 3P Discharge Range


Speed: 2880 rpm

Discharge Range: 300 Lpm to 2000 Lpm

Total Head Range: 10 to 70 Metres / 20 to 90 Metres

 Delivery Pipe size in mm: 50mm, 65mm, 75mm